Black Bearded Dragon: Why The Colour Change?

Bearded dragons are available in many various colours and varieties. One shade {that a} bearded dragon can change to is black. On this article, Dr. Jess will talk about what it means in case your bearded dragon turns black in shade, if you ought to be nervous, and what you are able to do about it. Learn on for extra data on black bearded dragons under:

close up of bearded dragon face with black background

Bearded Dragon Colours:

The eight species of bearded dragons internationally at the moment, are distinguished from each other and named for the variations of their spines on their chins and necks. 

This unique pet will get their identify from their armor of spiny scales, which embody a “beard” of spikes beneath its chin and neck that puffs up relying on their temper, mostly seen when puffed out upset for them to look bigger to no matter is upsetting them. 

They’ll attain as much as 24 inches lengthy and weigh as much as 18 ounces as soon as full grown. 

They vary in colours from brown, to orange, to yellow, to cream, of which colours can change beneath sure circumstances that can be mentioned right here shortly.

Bearded Dragon With Black Beard:

For those who discover that your bearded dragon has abruptly had a beard shade change from their regular shade, to at least one that appears extra of a black in shade, then it might be fully okay – then once more, it might be a signal to fret.

Let’s talk about the explanation why your bearded dragon is popping black, so you understand whether it is one thing that you need to monitor or contact your veterinarian about.

Black Bearded Dragon:

You don’t normally see a black bearded dragon for completely no cause – there may be usually a cause that they’ve modified from their regular on a regular basis shade, to black.

That being mentioned, there are uncommon black bearded dragons in the marketplace which are born black or practically black.

The knowledge under, doesn’t pertain to black beardies, as they’re usually black and aren’t turning black in shade.

body profile view of bearded dragon with black beard

Black Colour Change Motive #1: Indignant Lizard

One quite common cause why a bearded dragon would flip black, or not less than partially black alongside their “beard” or neck area, is when the bearded dragon is indignant or feeling threatened.

As soon as angered or in combat mode, a bearded dragon will darken their beards to intimidate, in addition to open their mouths to point out their recipient that they imply enterprise and to again off and never mess with them.

Black Colour Change Motive #2: Scared Dragon

When your bearded dragon turns into scared, they might change their shade, particularly round their beard, simply as they might when they’re indignant or upset.

This shade change signifies that the bearded dragon is upset a technique or one other, whether or not it’s indignant or scared.

Verify the bearded dragon’s environment to ensure that there may be nothing of their surroundings that would doubtlessly be scaring them – different animals, new noises, sturdy odors or cleansing merchandise, and so forth.

Black Colour Change Motive #3: Brumation

Brumation is a type of hibernation that sure animals, together with bearded dragons, go into when meals is extra scarce and temperatures dip.

Nonetheless, in captivity, bearded dragons don’t essentially want to enter brumation if husbandry practices are good and nicely.

Due to this fact, your domesticated pet beardie might or might not go into brumation.

Brumation can seem like different issues like a sick bearded dragon, as most of the indicators of brumation will also be indicators and signs of an ailing dragon.

In case your pet bearded dragon does undergo brumation whereas in your care, you might discover a shade change. The dragon might flip a darker shade, generally as darkish as turning to black.

Your beardie could also be altering colours to attempt to seize some heat solar rays to assist them heat up. Bearded dragons are lizards and are cold-blooded animals.

These cold-blooded ectotherms depend on their exterior surroundings to manage their temperature – they will’t do it internally like us people can.

One simple and fast manner for a lizard to extend their temperature is to alter to a darker shade to absorbs extra heat rays from the solar.

black and white image of two bearded dragons basking on one another

Black Colour Change Motive #4: Sickness

When a beardie is sick, they might very nicely change colours, and lots of instances its a darker shade change, generally black. Why is that this?

One frequent cause is lack of blood circulation, which ends up in decrease physique temperatures.

With decreased blood movement attributable to sickness, or with decrease physique temperatures attributable to various situations, your ectotherm of a pet (an animal that should use their exterior surroundings to manage their inner physique temps) will darken their pores and skin shade with a view to take in extra warmth, subsequently warming their our bodies from the skin in.

Black Colour Change Motive #5: Mating Season

Mating time is usually a color-changing time within the male bearded dragon’s life.

That’s proper, male bearded dragons generally are seen with darker, and virtually black beards throughout their mating time, serving to them entice the highest feminine with an excellent darker beard.

On prime of a darker beard, the male beardie might also bob his head with a view to win the eye of a beautiful suitor.

Black Colour Change Motive #6: Poor Husbandry Practices

Poor husbandry practices, often known as poor caretaking, may cause a darkening change of shade in your dragon.

When poor husbandry happens for a protracted time period, the ill-kept beardie can develop into sick.

The sick bearded dragon can then flip black in shade because of the sluggish blood circulation and decrease physique temperature as mentioned within the above “sick” part.

How Do Bearded Dragons Change Colours?

Bearded dragons are able to segmenting or sectioning their physique shade to particular elements of their our bodies as a result of they’ve cells which are known as chromatophores that include pigments that mirror totally different wavelengths of sunshine, and subsequently change the colour of their pores and skin to the bare eye.

What To Do If Your Bearded Dragon Turns Black:

The very first thing to do is discover some other modifications in your lizard’s conduct – are they consuming, consuming, usually? Has their exercise degree modified?

If nothing behaviorally has modified, be aware their bodily surroundings – test to see that the temperature and humidity necessities are right.

Guarantee that they’re consuming a protected and well-balanced weight loss program for bearded dragons.

Recent water and ample area of their enclosure the place they’ve a number of choices to climb, conceal, and bask beneath warmth lamps is critical.

Subsequent cease – test on their relationship standing – may they be looking for a mate? Might one other pet be upsetting them?


Bearded dragons could be born black in shade. Nonetheless, extra generally, bearded dragons aren’t naturally black, however can change black attributable to many various causes.

A few of these causes are pure and wholesome – reminiscent of when a bearded dragon is indignant or scared or when they’re chilly and have to heat up.

Different causes a darkening in shade may happen, reminiscent of a sick dragon or a poorly saved dragon, aren’t regular and ought to be handle along with your native veterinarian instantly.