Can Cats Eat Bacon Or Is It Too Salty?

can cats eat bacon

The odor of bacon and its scrumptious style is difficult to withstand, so it’s tempting to wish to share some together with your kitty. However as a caring and accountable proprietor, you could ask the query, can cats eat bacon? Cats can eat bacon, however they need to have it moderately. An excessive amount of bacon will be dangerous to your kitty as it’s excessive in sodium, saturated fats and energy. Right here we delve deeper, providing you with all of the information and answering your questions on feeding bacon to your cat.


What’s Bacon?

Bacon combines the fats and meat from a pig’s stomach or again. It goes via a curing course of, preserving it with salts, nitrates, and typically sugar. Bacon accommodates quite a few components, flavorings, and spices as taste and style enhancers. You’ll be able to serve bacon by itself or incorporate it into different meals, particularly breakfast served with eggs or as an ingredient in sandwiches, salads, pasta, and different dishes.

Can Cats Eat Bacon As a result of They Are Carnivores?

As you recognize, cats are obligate carnivores, that means they have to eat meat to outlive. As bacon is meat, it’s secure for cats to eat however solely in small portions. Common consumption of bacon is unhealthy for people because it accommodates excessive salt and fats ranges; the identical goes in your cat.

Bacon ought to be fed solely as an occasional deal with as it’s not essential to a cat’s food regimen. However when you’ve got bother giving your kitty a tablet, a bit of trick is to wrap up the pill in a small piece of cooked bacon to encourage them to take it.

Is Bacon Good for Cats?

Regardless of the excessive sodium and fats content material, bacon accommodates some dietary worth appropriate for cats. It’s excessive in protein, which your kitty wants for development and repairing tissue, whereas the excessive phosphorous content material helps hold the bones in tip-top form and the kidneys functioning.

Bacon additionally accommodates a number of B nutritional vitamins, that are mandatory for quite a few important capabilities and sustaining the physique construction in cats. Nonetheless, though plainly bacon has many advantages for cats, the downsides of what’s in bacon are much more important.

Bacon is Excessive in Sodium

A mean-sized cat wants round 21mg of salt per day. One strip of bacon accommodates 180mg of sodium. A cat receives all of the sodium it wants from a balanced cat meals, so should you add bacon to their food regimen, they eat an excessive amount of sodium, resulting in dehydration and elevated water consumption and urination.

And identical to in people, an excessive amount of sodium may cause cats to have hypertension. If a cat consumes extreme quantities of salt, it might present indicators of toxicity, akin to diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and seizures, and would require fast veterinary therapy.

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It’s Additionally Obtained A Excessive Fats Content material

A cat requires over 50% of its energy from protein, a minimum of 30% from fats and fewer than 10% from carbohydrates. The fats content material in bacon is as excessive because the protein content material.

As most cats are indoor pets, they don’t seem to be practically as energetic as wild, out of doors cats, as they don’t must “hunt” for his or her meals. Home cats sleep a median of between 16 to twenty hours per day, so that they don’t get a lot alternative to burn the fats consumed from bacon in a short time!

In the event you feed extreme quantities of bacon to your kitty, the high-fat content material will result in weight achieve. Feline weight problems causes well being dangers akin to coronary heart illness, diabetes, most cancers, pancreatitis, and joint-related and mobility points.

The saturated fat in bacon may play havoc in your kitty’s digestive system inflicting diarrhoea, vomiting or different tummy troubles. Feeding a balanced food regimen and avoiding meals with a high-fat content material will promote good digestive well being in your cat.

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Can Cats Eat Bacon Uncooked?

The cat’s digestive system can deal with consuming uncooked meat, so you could suppose feeding your kitty uncooked bacon is OK. Nonetheless, when a cat catches its prey within the wild, it eats the meat recent.

Bacon is totally different as a result of it’s a cured meat, giving it longer shelf life. Uncooked bacon can include parasites or dangerous micro organism, so it’s unsafe to provide to your kitty and should at all times be cooked completely earlier than serving. That mentioned, your cat is almost definitely to not come to any hurt if it did unintentionally eat a few small items of uncooked bacon.

Ought to Cats Eat Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon has a a lot much less fats content material in comparison with pork bacon as turkey is such a lean meat. Nonetheless, turkey bacon is not any higher various because it nonetheless has excessive ranges of sodium to protect it, which is dangerous to your kitty.

Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits?

Bacon bits which you sprinkle in your salad aren’t recent to eat like cooked bacon and have been created artificially. These are each over-processed and wealthy in salt, which might have an effect on your cat’s well being.

Can Cats Eat Bacon Grease?

Some house owners pour bacon grease over their cat’s dry feed to make it tastier or give their pet a shiny coat. Nonetheless, you need to keep away from giving your kitty bacon grease as it’s excessive in sodium and saturated fat and may trigger extreme diseases in cats, akin to pancreas irritation or pancreatitis.

Do Cats Just like the Style of Bacon?

Like us, cats love the style of bacon, and as soon as they’ve tried it, they are going to beg for extra! In case you are cooking some bacon up for breakfast, your kitty is certain to come back working in, enticed by the odor of animal proteins and fatty acids. Giving your kitty bacon-flavored cat treats is a safer and more healthy various to bacon.

Can Cats Eat Bacon and Keep Wholesome?

Bacon is excessive in sodium and saturated fat, that are dangerous to your cat if fed excessively. However there isn’t a hurt in providing a small quantity of cooked bacon as an occasional deal with. Nonetheless, it’s at all times higher to search for more healthy various treats in your kitty.

Cat Feeding Suggestions and Info


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