Feeding Your Kitten – Useful Kitten Feeding Schedules and Charts

Feeding your kitten is all about giving them the appropriate vitamins, within the right type on the excellent time. No marvel it leaves loads of new cat house owners in spin! One of the simplest ways to feed your kitten will rely on their developmental stage, breed and well being situation. Massive breed kittens will want a specialty meals, as will these with flat faces. Most younger kittens profit from a number of small meals per day slightly than feeding as soon as a day like many older grownup cats.


Right here you’ll discover solutions to all the commonest kitten feeding questions. We are going to have a look at the variations between dry kitten meals, moist kitten meals and mixture feeding. Along with kitten feeding schedules, portions and even a useful kitten eating regimen chart.

What’s the finest meals for my kitten?

Whenever you convey dwelling your new kitten, you need the easiest for him. The principle choices for feeding your kitten are:

• Dry kitten meals
• Moist kitten meals
• Mixture feeding
• Uncooked feeding

That’s plenty of choices to select from, however don’t fear, we’ll break it down for you. And enable you to determine which is the most effective kitten meals for him. This selection will likely be primarily based upon her wants, in addition to your circumstances.


What’s the proper technique to feed a kitten?

Fed is finest! Attempt to not fear about whether or not or not the strategy you selected is ‘the appropriate means’. There isn’t any absolute rule relating to deciding the appropriate technique to feed your kitten. Let’s check out every of the principle kitten feeding choices in flip.

Feeding your kitten dry meals

Dry kitten meals may be very common, and with good purpose. It has quite a bit going for it relating to you as an proprietor, and to your cat.

It is available in cardboard containers or plastic packets. You should purchase it in pretty small portions in regards to the measurement of cereal containers, as much as monumental sacks that may final you for weeks at a time. And there are plenty of choices to select from.

Dry kitten meals, often known as kibble, is handy. It is extremely straightforward to purchase, yow will discover it in native supermarkets, pet shops, and doubtless even within the service station on the finish of your street.

Kibble is simple to wash up when it’s spilled as a result of it doesn’t go away a sticky residue. It’s easy to retailer within the field or bag it got here in, or in a big tupperware pot. There may be little or no wastage relating to dry meals. You may dish out the quantity required and put the remainder again into the container.

Dry kitten meals could be low-cost

There are an enormous vary of dried kitten meals choices accessible. On the decrease finish of the spectrum they’re extremely low-cost.

This doesn’t essentially imply they’re dangerous high quality, however low-cost meals are inclined to have extra filler. Which isn’t superb when you find yourself feeding an obligate carnivore. A pet that’s designed to solely have meat.

You should purchase dry kitten meals with a better price ticket, which can or is probably not higher suited to your little cat. One of the best meals will likely be one with good high quality components, and a excessive protein and fats content material.

How a lot dry meals ought to I feed my kitten?

Your dry kitten meals packet may have directions on it, giving pointers for the portions of meals your kitten ought to require. Nonetheless, you have to to take these with a pinch of salt.

Kittens even in the identical litter can vary fairly extensively in measurement, to not point out urge for food.

You’ll subsequently want to start by following the packet pointers and regulate accordingly. In case your kitten is at all times leaving plenty of meals and appears wholesome and to be placing on weight, then you may scale back the quantity you place within the bowl.

Simply keep in mind that as he grows your kitten will want growing quantities of meals, so regulate him. Consult with the directions on the packet for growing portions on your rising cat.

Potential issues with dry kitten meals

Dried kitten meals ought to present an entire dietary eating regimen on your cat, however the draw back of dry meals is that it’s fairly dehydrating.

As a baby we had at all times had household cats. That they had all been ate up whichever dry cat meals was handy, and lived lengthy, pleased and wholesome lives. So once I determined to get a kitten myself years later, feeding him wasn’t one thing I had ever given a lot thought to.

I introduced the identical model of dry kitten meals as his breeder had been giving him, and he appeared to thrive on it. However after he had been with us a number of weeks, we had a little bit of a shock. Late one night I observed that he had been peeing blood into his litter field.

Kitten UTI

One panicked drive, an emergency vet go to, and fairly a substantial sum of cash later, he was on his technique to restoration. Because it transpired, while Oscar was fortunately consuming his dried meals and had contemporary water always accessible, he wasn’t truly consuming sufficient of it. The dried cat meals had prompted him to get a critical urinary tract an infection.

Happily, the vets had been capable of kind it out shortly, however from then on Oscar has from then onwards been ate up moist cat meals. Now, while on no account distinctive this expertise mustn’t put you off feeding dry kitten meals.

It is just my private state of affairs, it’s price taking into consideration once you make your resolution. Control the litter tray for any indicators of one thing being amiss!

Feline Diabetes

Many dried kitten meals have a excessive carbohydrate content material, which might doubtlessly trigger issues on your rising kitten. Feline kind 2 diabetes has been regarded as linked to excessive carbohydrate meals.

There are a number of nature and nurture components to a cat changing into diabetic, however one that has been investigated is the high carbohydrate, low protein diet that some cats are fed.

Excessive carbohydrate diets enhance the blood glucose and subsequently insulin ranges in a physique. So it follows that the probability of changing into diabetic is elevated by these components.

When you’ve got a Burmese cat, which appear to be extra predisposed to diabetes, discovering a cat meals with a excessive protein, low carbohydrate % can be smart.

Breed particular dried kitten meals

Some dry cat meals producers have developed completely different traces of dry kitten meals focused on the house owners of various breeds. Some manufacturers for instance, present a meals designed for Persian cats. 

This breed has a unique facial construction, with a flattened brachycephalic muzzle. This meals claims to be designed to be simpler to select up, and to encourage use of the jaws and chewing.

On a primary anatomical stage this makes plenty of sense. When on the lookout for breed particular kitten meals contemplate your kitten’s breed. Does your kitten belong to a flat-faced breed? Does his breed have a unique progress fee from different cat breeds, or identified issues with pores and skin or hair? If that’s the case, it is perhaps price making an attempt out a breed particular meals.

Nonetheless, in case you have a wholesome brief haired kitten, you most likely don’t must search for breed particular meals. As all main manufacturers will likely be designing their meals to be appropriate on your cat.

Finest dry kitten meals

One of the best dry kitten meals for many pet kittens is one that’s excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates. You do nonetheless in fact must take your funds under consideration when making a call about feeding your cat.

If you’re going to convey dwelling a brand new kitten, just remember to come up with the money for in your weekly finances to permit for necessities like feeding.

Nonetheless, don’t really feel too dangerous giving your kitten a less expensive number of meals.

So long as it says ‘full’ on the packaging then it has to come back as much as the minimal necessities to supply right diet to your little buddy.

Kitten Dry Feeding Chart

The kitten feeding chart under relies upon averages from a variety of dry kitten meals producer pointers.

dry kitten food chart

It’s primarily based round a mean kitten’s necessities.

For big breeds, you have to to take a look at the upper finish of the ranges given.

Cheaper kitten meals will often have to be fed in bigger portions. It’s because they’ve a better proportion of ‘filler’. So that they want a larger quantity of meals to get the vitamins they require.

Please at all times seek advice from the packaging when feeding, and if in any doubt verify along with your vet.

Feeding your kitten moist meals

Moist kitten meals can also be a extremely popular choice. This mostly is available in cans or pouches. While it’s extensively accessible, it’s maybe barely much less so than the dried kitten meals packets. It’s also extra messy.

You’ll need to scrub up your kitten’s bowl instantly after he has completed consuming. You additionally can’t go away the meals within the bowl while you exit for the day, as once you return it’s going to have gone off.

You don’t wish to danger your kitten placing barely rancid meals into her immature abdomen.

I personally discover that the kitten meals pouches are simpler to make use of than the canned kitten meals. You additionally don’t want a can opener, or to make use of a fork to take away the contents. Merely tear throughout the tab on the prime of the pouch and push the meals straight into the bowl.

How a lot moist meals ought to I feed my kitten?

While they’re very small kittens are rising shortly, and want roughly twice the vitamins they may when totally grown. Nonetheless, their stomaches are nonetheless creating and they’re going to have to be given these servings in common small dishes.

Following kitten feeding amount pointers on the package deal is a good suggestion.

Kitten Feeding Chart: Cans and Pouches

The kitten feeding chart under relies upon averages from a variety of moist kitten meals producer pointers. A kitten’s every day feeding necessities will differ relying upon his breed, and private wants.

wet kitten food chart

Please at all times seek advice from the packaging when feeding, and if in any doubt verify along with your vet.

Finest moist kitten meals

One of the best moist kitten meals is one which is full, excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates. Canned or pouched kitten meals does are typically decrease in carbs than dry kitten meals. The proportions do change between manufacturers so it’s price checking a number of out earlier than making your resolution.

Mixture feeding your kitten

Mixture feeding your kitten can really feel like you’re getting the most effective of each worlds. Giving them meaty chunks of meals, with biscuits to fill them up. However it’s price taking into consideration that kitten meals in any type is supposed to be full.

Which means it needs to be giving them every part that they require. Subsequently, both feeding your kitten on dry kitten meals or moist kitten meals alone needs to be enough to maintain them wholesome.

Finest technique to mixture feed a kitten

There are two methods to mixture feed a kitten.

Possibility 1

Divide their meals parts between dry and moist kitten meals. For instance, moist meals at 8am, then dry at noon and moist once more at 4pm. Or vice versa. Don’t fear the timings above are simply an instance. You may area your kitten’s meals out to fit your schedule.

Possibility 2

Give them moist kitten meals at their common mealtimes, and to go away dry kitten meals accessible for them to snack on throughout the remainder of the day. This technique has the advantage of which means that your little kitten at all times has one thing accessible to eat. The draw back is it might doubtlessly make them extra prone to achieve extra weight.

So as to fight this you may determine on the quantity of dry meals they want in a day, and solely put down this quantity. In order that when it’s gone, he’ll solely have moist kitten meals thereafter.

This will even enable you to chop down on dry meals wastage. As no matter your kitten has not completed on the finish of the day will have to be thrown away anyway.

Mixture Kitten Feeding Chart

Wish to use a mixture of moist and dried kitten meals? Our mixture feeding chart for kittens will provide you with a tough information to the suitable quantities of every meals to supply at every meal.

combi kitten food chart

What different meals does your kitten want?

If you’re feeding your kitten on any full meals they need to not want their eating regimen supplemented with anything. Kittens have immature digestive techniques and treats may find yourself giving them an upset abdomen.

Switching manufacturers of kitten meals

Earlier than you convey your new kitten dwelling, ask his breeder or the rescue centre who’ve been caring for him what model of meals he has been consuming.

Being moved to a brand new dwelling could be unsettling to just a little kitten. He will likely be extra prone to have an upset abdomen in these first few days. Assist him ease into the transition by conserving him on the identical meals he was consuming together with his mom and siblings.

Follow this for not less than the primary couple of weeks he’s with you. After this time, it is possible for you to to maneuver him onto the model of kitten meals of your selection. One of the simplest ways to do that is over the interval of a few days.

Swapping over

Start by mixing a teaspoon of his new meals in with the outdated meals. If he doesn’t undergo any sick results, put in two teaspoons on the subsequent meal. If he’s high-quality after this time, then on the subsequent meal make the meals cut up 50/50 between the outdated model and the brand new one.

For the following day preserve an excellent cut up within the meals. In case your kitten seems high-quality, and his faeces are a traditional consistency, then the next day you may put him on the brand new meals.

Simply keep in mind to maintain an in depth eye on him for the following few days. Ensure that he’s taking part in, consuming and consuming usually, and that his litter tray is in its traditional state.

The place to feed your kitten?

One of the best place to feed your kitten is someplace hygienic, straightforward to wash and handy. Though you may wish to preserve your entire new kittens paraphernalia in a single place, it isn’t a good suggestion to feed him beside his litter tray.

Cat faeces and urine carry ailments, and call between his waste and his meals might make him very sick. To not point out that you will want to come back into shut proximity with the tray with you fill his bowl.

Cleanliness issues

Ensure that his feeding space is away from any surfaces you put together meals on. Keep in mind, if he has stood in his litter tray after which leaps onto the worktops to eat his dinner he will likely be bringing tiny particles of his personal mess with him on the bottoms of his toes. It should additionally assist your kitten to have easy accessibility to his meals.

Put it someplace that’s apparent for him to see, and easy for him to succeed in. A nook within the kitchen is a perfect place. Most kitchens have wipe-clean flooring, so you may clear up simply after he’s completed.

How usually must you feed your kitten?

From 8 weeks outdated a kitten wants feeding 4 instances a day, with these meals spaced out evenly all through the day time.

From 12 weeks outdated your kitten will want feeding thrice a day.

Once more evenly spaced with a meal within the morning, lunch after which dinner.

After 6 months outdated your kitten will likely be developed sufficient to deal with his meals in two bigger servings, to be offered within the morning and late afternoon.

You may proceed on this method for the remainder of his life.

Mealtimes and schedules: when to feed your kitten

Since our cat was about 6 months outdated he has been fed at 7.30am and once more at 4pm.

This works nicely for us as a household and for him, besides round daylight financial savings modifications.

When he’s most unimpressed with the delay in meal time.

That is only a information, you may regulate feeding instances in keeping with your schedule and your rising kitten’s preferences.

So long as you permit applicable gaps between your kitten’s meals, you may unfold these over the day at factors which are most handy for you.

My Kitten Is All the time Hungry

Some cats will ask for extra meals than they want.

Your kitten may meow by his bowl pitifully at sure factors of the day, and make you query whether or not he wants extra meals.

If he’s clearly of a wholesome weight, then chances are high he doesn’t want extra meals.

He simply desires some.

And haven’t all of us felt that means?

Weight problems in pets is a really critical situation with doubtlessly nasty well being repercussions.

Particularly for these whose bones are nonetheless rising,

As house owners we’re accountable for conserving them wholesome, and on events you have to to harden your coronary heart to their appeals.

If he’s asking for meals between meals you may attempt splitting an identical quantity into 5 as an alternative of 4.

If he’s asking for extra when he has completed his meal, then attempt distracting him with a sport as an alternative.

Is my kitten too skinny?

In case your kitten truly wants extra meals, it is possible for you to to inform by inspecting them.

Indicators a kitten is underweight embrace seen ribs, outstanding bones close to the bottom of the tail and backbone.

They may haven’t any fats or muscle protection to talk of, and a extreme waist and belly tuck.

When you really feel your kitten is just too skinny then regularly enhance his parts at every mealtime.

However do ensure you pop right down to the vets with him too to verify there isn’t one other underlying trigger to his weight reduction.

Is my kitten too fats?

Kittens want plenty of meals when they’re rising.

They have an inclination typically to be fairly good at understanding how a lot they want, and don’t undergo from over-eating as many grownup cats do.

You do nonetheless nonetheless want to make use of your higher judgement to restrict their entry to meals.

Although they are going to be hungry plenty of the time, kittens have little stomachs.

So that they have to be fed in small portions, however with larger frequency than grownup cats.

If you’re involved {that a} kitten underneath 4 months outdated is obese, then pop right down to your native vet with him earlier than you begin slicing his meals down.

Some well being issues like worms can provide kittens massive bellies, so it’s price ensuring he’s wholesome earlier than taking a look at slicing down his meals barely.

Very small kittens are way more prone to be underweight than obese.

Altering from kitten to cat meals

When your kitten has stopped rising, they received’t want kitten meals any extra, they may want grownup cat meals as an alternative.

The age at which you swap from kitten meals to cat meals will rely partially on their breed, as some breeds mature slower than others.

And partially on the model of meals you’ve got chosen for them.

You can see on the packets, suggestions for the age at which to change to an grownup model of the meals.

Staying with the identical model is a good suggestion when initially altering over.

They’re prone to be comprised of comparable components and subsequently might scale back the probabilities of your kitten feeling unwell throughout the shift.

Make the change over the course of some days.

On the primary day combine 25% new meals with 75% kitten meals. If their abdomen appears high-quality, then the following day do a 50/50 cut up.

Feeding your kitten

Feeding your kitten can really feel like a giant duty at instances.

Attempt to not fear.

Business meals all gives an entire eating regimen, and though some are higher high quality they need to all give your kitten the vitamins she wants.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assist and assist if you’re frightened.

Tell us your ideas within the feedback part under!