Pets Who Look Like Their Homeowners

It’s typically mentioned pets appear to be their house owners. Based on science, it might really be true.

Psychology professor on the College of British Columbia, Stanly Coren suggests individuals are drawn to the acquainted – and for that cause, are drawn to our personal faces, which we see again and again mirrored in mirrors on daily basis. It’s this choice that tends to drive folks in direction of pets that subconsciously remind them of themselves.



Coren carried out a research investigating the affect of a girl’s coiffure on the canine breeds she was drawn to. He found there was a robust choice for girls with hair that lined their ears to favor canines just like the Springer Spaniel. Ladies with quick hair and their ears seen most popular breeds just like the Siberian Husky and Basenji.

Coren’s conclusion: familiarity breeds like.


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Psychologists from the College of California, Nicholas Christenfeld and Michael Roy discovered related outcomes. They requested check topics to take a look at a muddled assortment of images of canines and house owners and try to match them up. In two-thirds of circumstances, the topics linked grasp and pet on seems alone.

The impact might be on account of evolutionary parenting drives. We’re instinctively geared, in response to Christenfeld, in direction of small, nonverbal creatures that resemble us as we’re pushed to be affectionate in direction of our youngsters and younger relations to make sure the survival of our genes.



In the event you and your pet are doppelgangers, exhibiting off you matched seems can actually repay. Jiro Yamada gained 300,000 yen together with his two-year previous Shar-Pei Occhansticks at an annual Tokyo look-alike contest.