Profender for Cats: The proper agent in opposition to worms

Regardless of being much less lively and outgoing as in comparison with canine, cats too have an enormous likelihood of being contaminated with parasites like fleas, ticks, mites, worms, and so on. We have to be equally attentive to our cats and make sure that they get their common dose of preventive and therapy choices as wanted. Much more so within the case of worms, as a result of a few of these worms are contagious to people too.

One such efficient dewormer is Profender, which is formulated to cope with broad-spectrum worms. The spot-on components is rendered in tube kind pipette that’s straightforward to manage and affords efficient outcomes.

Parasites: Roundworms, Hookworms, and Tapeworms

Roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms are a few of the most typical parasites that infect our pets and spend their grownup lives of their intestines. It’s not even troublesome for our cats to be contaminated with these parasites.

For example, it’s frequent for kittens to change into contaminated with roundworms throughout nursing. Contaminated cats shed eggs of roundworms and hookworms of their feces and these mature to larvae and stay within the soil. After a couple of days of being deposited, these change into infective.

Now, if the wholesome cat lies within the contaminated space after which grooms itself, sniffs or licks the bottom, or eats grass and different issues exterior, they’re sure to be contaminated. They could even be contaminated once they hunt rodents, birds, and different small animals that these parasites choose as their hosts.

Within the case of tapeworms, cats are most susceptible to be contaminated if they’re uncovered to fleas. Tapeworms dwell inside fleas of their immature stage. Cats might ingest tapeworms whereas grooming fleas off their pores and skin or fur.

A short on Profender for cats

Composed of two lively components, Emodepside, and Praziquantel, Profender for cats is rendered as an antiparasitic resolution that helps cope with a broad spectrum of worms. It comes within the type of tube-like pipettes that make it extraordinarily straightforward to use. These pipettes are designed for single use and are available within the applicable dimension with the really helpful Profender dosage for the therapy of 1 cat based mostly on their weight.

Use of Profender

The efficient topical resolution is rendered for the therapy and management of a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal worms together with hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Profender is indicated to deal with and management hookworm infections brought on by Ancylostoma tubaeforme (adults, immature adults, and fourth-stage larvae), roundworm infections brought on by Toxocara cati (adults and fourth-stage larvae), and tapeworm infections brought on by Dipylidium caninum (adults) and Taenia taeniaeformis (adults) in cats.

Profender: Administration 

The minimal really helpful dose is 1.36 mg/lb (3 mg/kg) emodepside + 5.45 mg/lb (12 mg/kg) praziquantel as a single topical dose. A single therapy have to be efficient and there must be no want for a second therapy. In case of a recurrence of an infection, you’ll be able to re-apply the product after 30 days. The steps of administration of Profender for Cats embody:

As per the given desk, choose the bundle that’s appropriate for the load of your cat.

dosage information

For cats above the load of 17.6 lbs, use the suitable mixture of pipettes.

From the bundle, take one unit dose tube.

Maintain the tube within the upright place, and take away the cap of the tube 

Flip the cap of the tube the wrong way up, preserve the opposite finish of the cap on the tip of the tube, and twist it to interrupt the seal.

opening methods of pipette

Now, after eradicating the cap, half the hair on the again of your cat’s neck on the base of the top.


  • Place the tip of the tube on the pores and skin and squeeze your complete content material instantly onto the pores and skin.
  • Be sure that while you’re making use of the product, the pores and skin of the cat’s coat shouldn’t be damp, and it shouldn’t have damaged pores and skin.

Working of Profender

Profender for cats comes as a topical resolution and is especially composed of two lively components named emodepside, and praziquantel. The presence of Emodepside ensures that the neurotransmitters within the worm’s brains cease working. This paralyzes the worms and finally leads them to dying. Specialists suspect that Praziquantel interferes with the muscle integrity of those intestinal worms and causes paralysis. Now these useless worms are both absorbed by the cat’s digestive tract or are defecated out.

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Is it secure to make use of Profender?

For cats and kittens which might be 8 weeks of age or older, and weigh 2.2 lbs or extra, Profender is secure to make use of. Nonetheless, provided that it’s a topical resolution, make sure that your pet doesn’t take it of their mouth. After making use of Profender, preserve the handled pet away from different pets till the answer is dry. The impact of Profender has not but been examined on pregnant or lactating cats.

Precautionary Measures of Profender

  • Keep away from any contact along with your pores and skin whereas administering the answer to your cat.
  • See to it that even after software, except the answer is dry, you will need to not pet or groom the handled cat, and should not enable your pets to groom themselves or one another.
  • After administering the components completely wash your fingers. Don’t smoke, eat, or drink earlier than that.
  • Keep away from any contact with the eyes. In case of unintentional contact, instantly rinse it off with a number of splashes of unpolluted water.
  • In case of publicity of components to your pores and skin, rinse it off completely with cleaning soap and water.
  • Keep away from contact of components with sure supplies like leather-based, materials, plastics, and completed surfaces as it could stain these surfaces.

Why Would possibly the Vet Suggest Profender?


Whereas normally, the roundworm, hookworm, or tapeworm an infection in itself just isn’t deadly to your cat or kitten, the ensuing conditions is likely to be way more dangerous. For example, the hookworms connect themselves to the linings of the intestines and drink blood, which may trigger extreme and bloody diarrhea, gut blockage, and at occasions, even result in anemia.

Roundworms could cause related extreme ailments and their eggs can dwell within the soil for a very long time, which places youngsters notably in danger. Roundworms are sometimes dangerous to people and are a trigger of assorted sicknesses. Whereas people is likely to be contaminated by hookworms too, the hookworms don’t mature into adults in people. This resolves the difficulty of infestation by itself. If contaminated with tapeworms, people may endure from cysts which can require drainage, surgical elimination, or remedy.

Since people even have the possibility of being contaminated with these parasites, it turns into all of the extra vital to deal with the cats so that you could defend your loved ones. To make sure that your cats, different pets, and your loved ones stays secure from these worms, the vets typically choose to recommend using Profender as it’s straightforward to make use of and a single dose is adequate to deal with the felines.

Concluding Overview

There is no such thing as a purpose why you need to preserve your cat infested with worms and open room to your different pets and relations to get infested with the identical. By no means delay the method of deworming. This might guarantee higher well being of your pet and of you. The Profender for cat is available in a pre-set tube pipette kind, which makes it a lot simpler to manage and considerably minimizes the possibility of over or under-doze.