Why do cats sleep in unusual locations?

Each cat proprietor has come dwelling to seek out his favourite feline sleeping in shoeboxes, dresser drawers, or behind the couch. It’s widespread information that cats like to sleep in unusual areas, however few know why their pet prefers staking out the flowerpot to naps on the sofa. Cats are at all times on excessive alert — even whereas sleeping — making these odd locations prime spots for a nap.
A part of why cats favor sleeping in small areas is that they’re much less prone to be pestered there. Within the wild, these spots present a protected retreat f away from predators. So, by nestling between neatly folded sweaters or inside a paper bag, kitty is guaranteeing he has the most secure spot to sleep. Cats additionally love napping in slightly-too-small shoeboxes as a result of these tiny areas assist hold them heat. Any proprietor who’s seen his cat sleeping in sunny spots or burrowing beneath blankets is aware of that cats benefit from the warmth, and cardboard bins present an additional little bit of insulation throughout a day nap. Equally, you might discover your cat napping within the bathtub or sink when he wants to chill down. There could also be different causes your feline buddy sleeps in peculiar locations, although. Cats are curious by nature and this inquisitiveness can drive your pet to discover new nooks and crannies, similar to opened dresser drawers. Pregnant females could search for a spot to nest and find yourself in unusual areas, similar to behind the couch, when a litter is born. Cats trying to find some enjoyable could select unconventional hiding spots, similar to beneath a bit of furnishings, as a major spot to assault unsuspecting toes as they move.
Although hiding is mostly thought-about regular conduct, there are some circumstances when it may be a trigger for concern. Hiding could also be an indication of stress or sickness, for instance, and a few cats grow to be extra delinquent as they age, which generally is a signal of dementia or mind tumors. Nevertheless, if you happen to’ve dominated out any illness or current upset to your cat’s routine, then lurking in odd spots is probably going simply a part of his nature. Keep in mind, cats are creatures of behavior, so your major concern must be whether or not your cat has undergone any main behavioral adjustments. Most cats that cover achieve this habitually, and can typically return to the identical spots. So, if kitty has at all times been eager to take a seat beneath the sofa as an alternative of on the cushions, that is probably simply a part of his shy character and nothing to fret about.